What Foresters do?

Foresters are often the jack-of-all-trades of forest workers, and professional foresters can often find themselves engaged in a variety of activities. A forester is a professional who manages the natural and anthropogenic aspects of forested ecosystems.

Activities of Foresters may include the following:

  • Plan and implement management of forested ecosystems.
  • Consult with stakeholders regarding best use of the forest resource.
  • Conduct research and resource surveys.
  • Develop and monitor reforestation activities.
  • Fight wildfires and manage prescribed burns.
  • Plan and lay-out forest access roads.
  • Plan and evaluate insect and disease control programs.
  • Procure fiber for industrial consumption.
  • Measure, grade, and appraise the timber value of trees in a forest ready for harvest.
  • Supervise timber harvests.
  • Plan and direct the recreational use of forests.
  • Design and implement watershed management plans.
  • Plan and implement forest management plans for wildlife benefits.
  • Manage urban trees and community forests.
  • Public education and forest sector awareness.
  • Manage cottage development areas.
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