RPFNL has established statutory and standing committees to ensure a high standard of professional practice by members of the Association, protect the public interest, and to satisfy the requirements of the Foresters Act (2011). 

Statutory Committees

The Statutory Committees as defined in legislation are:

Admission Committee

The role of the Admissions Committee is to process applications for membership, administer exams and maintain the official Register.

  • Jason Pond, RPF
  • Jamie Kennedy, RPF
  • Dan Myles, RPF
  • Glen Knee, RPF

Professional Conduct Committee

The Professional Conduct Committee reviews and investigates allegations of conduct against association members. If required, the committee will prepare summary reports with recommendations for the Discipline Committee.

  • William Clarke, RPF
  • Hubert Crummey, Public Appointee

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is required to act on matters of discipline regarding association members.

  • Basil English, RPF
  • Dan Myles, RPF
  • Eric Young, RPF
  • Michael van Zyll de Jon, Public Appointee

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are optional, and a Chair is normally appointed from the association council. Any member in good standing is eligible to serve on a committee and members are encouraged to participate in areas of interest.

The current standing committees are:

Communications Committee

  • Tammy Higgins, RPF (Chair)
  • Jeff Motty, RPF
  • Tanya Schlossek, RPF
  • Jamie Kennedy, RPF
  • Laurie Holloway, RPF
  • Debbie Hearn, RPF

Continuing Competence Committee

  • Corey Wight, RPF  (Chair)
  • Glen Knee, RPF
  • Sean Greene, RPF
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