Meet our Council

The Association of Registered Professional Foresters of NL is registered not for profit corporation, administered by an association council consisting of a President, Vice President, Past President, Executive Director, two councilor members appointed from the Canadian Institute of Forestry NL chapter, Treasurer and a Public Appointee.
The council is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the association and providing oversight on business and financial matters.
Council members normally serve a term as outlined in the current bylaws.

Council: 2022

Executive Director – Michelle Roche, RPF

President – Mark Lawlor, RPF

Vice President – David Frampton, RPF

Past President – Laurie Holloway, RPF

CIF Councilor – Inga Smith-Bailey, RPF

CIF Councilor – Craig Coady, RPF

Treasurer – Tamara Higgins, RPF

Public Appointee – Hubert Crummey

Administrative Assistant – Rebecca MacArthur