Membership Fees

Fee Schedule Effective: January 1, 2018

Annual Fees

Annual Membership Fees are due and payable on the first day of the Association’s fiscal year (January 1st). New authorized members will pay pro rated fees, for the months remaining in the fiscal year in which their membership is approved.

 Professional Forester  $150.00
 Non-Practicing/Retired  $59.00
 Forester-in-Training  $150.00
 Restricted Member  $150.00


Canadian Institute of Forestry NL Section Fees

Membership in the Canadian Institute of Forestry NL Section is mandatory for RPFNL members.

Active Member
Forestry Chronicle Digital $161.00 (HST Included)
Student/Retired Member
Forestry Chronicle Digital $69.00 (HST Included)


Other Fees

Application Fee $50.00
Reinstatement $150.00
Stamp/Seal $50.00
Examination Fee $100 per exam
Late Payment (30 days) $50.00
Late Payment (60 days) $100.00
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