Keynote Speaker

Dr. Peter Duinker – Dalhousie University

Dr. Duinker currently focuses his research efforts on urban forests.  He studies both the biophysical and socio-political dimensions of sustainable urban-forest management and policy.  Other major interests include environmental assessment and climate change.  Most of his research is conducted on ecosystems in Canada and Europe.

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Dr. Sue Zeigler – Memorial University

Dr. Ziegler and her research group investigate the chemical clues uncovered from organics in soils, streams, rivers and coastal ecosystems in order to determine how boreal landscapes are responding to climate change and what impacts those responses have on aquatic and marine ecosystems.

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Bryan Oke – Fisheries and Land Resources

Annette Tobin, PEng – Water Resources Division

Dr. Joe Bowden – Canadian Forest Service

Frederick Vroom – Tree Canada

Frederik Vroom is a Program Manager with Tree Canada.  He specializes in Climate Change policy and Ecosystem service quantification and project development.

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