Continuing Competency Program – Annual Audit

November 26, 2018

Notice to all Practicing Members:

  • The 2018 Continuing Competency Audit will take place during the first week of December.
  • The 2019 Audit will be will be conducted in January.

Continuing Competency Program

Professional development is an activity which is expected of all professionals. It is inherent in the legislation for self-governing professions and is of increasing importance if individuals and the profession are to better serve society.

As of January 01, 2018, all PRACTICING members were required to be compliant.

As a reminder, PRACTICING members must:

  • complete 150 contact hours during a three (3) year period;
  • distribute the hours within accepted categories;
  • ensure a minimum of 50 hours are in Category 1; and
  • maintain a “Continuing Competency Tracking Form”.

Your Continuing Competency Tracking Form can be found by logging into your account.

For further information on the program, auditing, help with the form, or with logging into your account, please contact Corey Wight or Tammy Higgins.

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