Continuing Competence Program

Professional development is an activity which is expected of all professionals. It is usually inherent in the professional legislation for self-governing professions and is of increasing importance to all foresters and forest professionals. Rapid technological change, the social significance of forest resources, increased public awareness, higher environmental standards, greater professional demands and the ever-changing competencies required, dictate continuous learning and development if individuals and the profession are to better serve society.

To maintain good standing in the association, members must complete 150 contact hours of continuing competency activities and professional development during a three (3) year period. The hours must be distributed appropriately within the following three categories, and a minimum of 50 hours must be contained in Category 1.

  • Category 1: Formal Education and Training
  • Category 2: Self-Directed Reading and Forestry Professional Business
  • Category 3: Professional Practice and Technology Transfer
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